Boulder Pricing

General Pricing Guidelines for Custom-Crafted Boulders by IHSV Enterprises

Average Pricing For Custom Crafted Boulders

We understand that knowing a price helps before starting the design process. Pricing is based mostly on the size of the boulder, the amount of text and the complexity of the graphics. Since every exterior of a boulder is unique and custom designed, it is very difficult to set a specific price without knowing exactly what the desired masterpiece (size, shape, text, logo, graphics, color, etc.) is to be designed. However, we do understand the desire to have a general idea of a price. The following guidelines offer some average prices for different size boulders. Please keep in mind that these are average prices and your pricing could be more or less than the average. We encourage you to use our contact form to communicate with us what you are envisioning for your boulder, or give us a call at (254)327-1042. We would be more than happy to consult with you and create a free full color custom design and an exact price quote.